Best of the Web 10 Aug

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Story & Structure

:: Clichéd Character Introductions
:: Script To Screen: “Aliens”
:: How to Create Characters That Feel Like Real People
:: Screenplay Review – The Disappointments Room
:: TV Pilot Tuesday! – Ballistic City

Script Perfection

:: The Most Common Reasons Why Scripts Are Rejected
:: Show. Don’t tell.
:: Introducing Chicks Who Script
:: Sam-I’m-the-Man

Pitching & Selling

:: What Makes A Remake Of A Beloved Movie Or Show Succeed Or Fail?
:: Australians in Film – Gateway LA Application
:: Script Readers Are Not Gatekeepers

Best of the Rest

:: Interview [Part 1]: Mickey Fisher, writer, “Extant” (CBS Series)
:: Guillermo Del Toro and Carlton Cuse Interview (The Strain)
:: True Detective Finally Circles a Female Lead
:: What Happens to Failed Pilots?

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