Best of the Web 15 Dec

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Story & Structure

:: Update: Award Season Screenplay Downloads
:: How To Find Your Voice
:: Screenplay Review – Cowboy Bebop
:: “The Best Way to Have a Good Idea…”
:: Amateur Friday – Echovault

Script Perfection

:: Catching Fire and Why Katniss Everdeen is a Too-Rare Heroine
:: Likeable Characters – Call the Pound
:: 14 Working Screenwriters & Their Top Advice
:: Great Character: Frank Cross (“Scrooged”)
:: 25 Facebook Pages All Screenwriters Should “Like”
:: “Writing is an Act of Ego”
:: The Company You Keep
:: All The Things That Are Wrong With Your Screenplay In One Handy Infographic

Pitching & Selling

:: “When an Option Expires…?”
:: 7 Simple Secrets for Making a Short Film

Best of the Rest

:: Prisoners’ Aaron Guzikowski
:: A Conversation with Steve Faber
:: Woody Allen interview – Blue Jasmine
:: Joel and Ethan Coen: “My God, We Don’t Watch Our Own Movies!”
:: Talking TV – Episode 85: Talking ‘Battlestar Galactica’
:: Movie Review – Inside Llewyn Davis
:: Tim Goodman’s 20 Best Cable Dramas of 2013

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