Best of the Web 2 Feb

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Story & Structure

:: Morality in Stories
:: Scene Week – Harbinger
:: Learn How to Write a TV Pilot With This FREE Download
:: Writing Action Lines
:: 4 Tips to Avoid Writing a Derivative Screenplay

Script Perfection

:: So-Called Screenwriting ‘Rules’: Part 11
:: F. Scott Fitzgerald on What It Takes to Be a Writer
:: Scott Myers on Glorious Failure as a Screenwriter
:: WGA Award Nominees Share Their Screenwriting Insights
:: From Script to Scream

Pitching & Selling

:: 15 Showrunners You Should Follow on Twitter
:: 2013 Spec Script Sales Analysis: Buyers

Best of the Rest

:: Women v.s. Women (aka Why We Hate Each Other)
:: Oscar Breakdown: The Best Adapted Screenplay Race
:: 8 Most Misleading Trailers

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