Best of the Web 20 Oct

Story & Structure

:: 50 Resources to Help You Outline Your Script
:: Transition Scene by Scott Myers
:: Screenplay Review – Time and a Half
:: “32 Qualities Of Better Film”
:: How Does a Great Television Series Say Goodbye?

Script Perfection

:: What About Working with a Co-Writer?
:: Reader Question About Rewriting Screenplay as a Pilot”
:: The Un-Rules of Screenwriting: Deborah Moggach’s List
:: This Season’s TV Pilot Scripts
:: Screenwriters Hate Cell Phones
:: 30 Essential Movies for Screenwriters to Watch

Pitching & Selling

:: How to Win a Screenplay Contest
:: Where Can I Send My Screenplay?
:: The Hollywood Reporter Names the 50 Power Showrunners of 2013

Best of the Rest

:: 9 Horror Films Under 9 Minutes
:: Screenwriter Profile: Frank Darabont
:: Anthony Hopkins’s Alleged Breaking Bad Fan Letter to Bryan Cranston
:: Movie Review – Escape From Tomorrow
:: 2013 Academy Nicholl Finalists
:: TV Pilot Review – Dracula
:: ‘Gravity’ Among Top Debuts Ever For Live-Action Original
:: 5 Top Showrunners Share Advice for Moving On

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