Best of the Web 6 Apr

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Story & Structure

:: How To Write Characters That Bank Billions of Dollars
:: Screenplay Review – Serena

Script Perfection

:: 9 Steps To Get Your Spec TV Pilot Written, Edited & Sent Out
:: Writers Write
:: Prepare, Prevent, Produce (aka Stop Working Like an Amateur)
:: Save the Cat, Gender-Benders, and Writing From Abroad

Pitching & Selling

:: Hollywood ‘Spec Script’ is Making a Comeback
:: Ask LA Screenwriter: (Ab)using Your Network
:: How To Win Screenwriting Competitions
:: Agents, Managers, and Lawyers: The Basics

Best of the Rest

:: A New Writer Will Tell The Story of Chronicle 2
:: Ridley Scott’s New ‘Halo’ Digital Project Recruits ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Director
:: EMMYS: HBO’s Michael Lombardo On The Decision To Enter ‘True Detective’ As Drama
:: Bryan Cranston to Write Memoir About ‘Breaking Bad’

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