Carolin Faerber


My name is Carolin Färber and I live in Vienna, Austria.

I worked with Karel from June to November 2004 as a reader. At that time I had taken a year off from University in Vienna, Austria to spend it in Australia. I was studying theatre directing and was now looking for an internship in the film business in which I was greatly interested. I applied at OZZYWOOD Films, a promising young production company and luckily was accepted.

In 2004 the Story Department was still a thing of the future. My job was to read scripts that were sent to Karel as a film producer and to give him my opinion, based on my theatre experience and on what he had taught me about screenwriting. He also gave advice on my own scripts, which I started writing at the time as a result of my increasing delight for screenplays.

Karel imparted his extensive knowledge of screenwriting to me and I certainly learned a lot. This lay the foundations to everything I know now about writing. Like he, I believe it crucial for everyone who wants to express himself in stories to know the “rules of the game”.

I know that Karel works hard to increase his knowledge about screenwriting day after day. The result of this effort is visible for everyone on the Story Department. I still visit the site often and profit from every article for my own work, be it for theatre or film.

After my time at OZZYWOOD Films I returned to Vienna and graduated from the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in 2006. In 2007 I finished an education as a Film- and TV-Producer.

I now work on theatre and film projects as a writer, director and producer.

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