Mini Review – Frances Ha

Frances Ha

Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson

Frances (Greta Gerwig, also the co-writer) shares a New York apartment and pursues her dream of becoming a dancer. Bearing in mind Gerwig’s awkward physicality, it’s no surprise to discover that her dream is fading. But she stays chipper, despite having no Plan B for her life, nor a Plan Boyfriend to fund her.

This has been described as a quarter-life crisis film, which is pretty apt. It’s also been accurately described as a Noah Baumbach film (he’s the director and co-writer), so expect the meandering plot and affectionate studies of flawed humans that have characterised his previous releases.

It’s a little slow but watchable thanks to the appealing Gerwig. Interestingly, you soon forget you’re watching a black-and-white film. (Which also happens in 3D films sometimes, so you wonder why you paid the premium.) (Sorry, you don’t pay less to see a black-and-white film, by the way.) 6/10

Released August 15, 2013.

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