Mini Review – Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson

Young Pip faces a dull future as a blacksmith, but his life gets some excitement with a chance encounter with an escaped convict, and then a summons to the crumbling manor of crumbling eccentric Miss Havisham. She wants a playmate/plaything for her ward, Estella, an ice queen in the making. Pip is smitten.

But after a few visits, Pip is dismissed permanently. He goes back to smithing and the years pass, until a lawyer turns up and tells Pip an anonymous benefactor wishes to make a gentleman of him. Pip’s life will change, but will Pip change with it, and for the better?

Dickens wrote in serial form – perfect for TV, but a little squishy on film. It’s also hard to judge a story that has been adapted one too many times (including recently for TV). A quality cast and production, but like Estella, a little lacking in emotion.


Released March 7, 2013.

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  1. I dislike excessively dumping on “So You Think You Can Dance” because I always think that even when it’s weak, it’s still a tremendous show when it comes to showcasing and supporting talent that probably wouldn’t receive that kind of exposure elsewhere.


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