Mini Review – Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers 

Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson 

I love the idea of da kids deciding to watch this based on its title and expecting a gross-out comedy. True, it has its music-video segments of bouncing boobs and binge drinking, but then it gets a bit surreal and dark.

Three blonde college chicks (don’t ask me their names) rob a chicken shop to fund their spring break to Florida with their brunette bestie Faith, who has a personality.

They have a jolly nice time until they get arrested in a drugs raid. They’re bailed out by local dealer Alien (James Franco), who’s half laughable, half dangerous. The girls must choose between returning to their dull lives or getting involved (in every sense) with Alien.

Franco is good and there are flashes of humour, but it relies on rapid cutting between non-sequential and repetitive scenes to disguise the fact that it doesn’t have enough story or character development. Or point. Still, it might encourage more people to read reviews.


Released May 9, 2013.

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