Mini Review – This Is the End

This Is the End

Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson

Hollywood’s A-list stoner set (Seth Rogen et al), playing caricatures of themselves, gather at James Franco’s house (“I designed it myself”) for what turns out to be the last party on earth. Before they know it, the Apocalypse (yeah, that one, with a capital letter) has hit LA and the neighbourhood is aflame. Demons with huge, swinging, fiery dicks roam the streets. The other huge dicks hole up inside the house – strangely overlooked by Satan’s crew – and go into survival mode.

I’m sure everyone had enormous fun making this. How much fun you have watching it will depend on how funny you find the whole isn’t-Hollywood-shallow/amoral theme. Channing Tatum’s gimp cameo is quite amusing. 7/10

Released July 18, 2013

Jonathan Empson is currently writing an eight-part TV series called Dangerously Smart for Palm Beach Pictures.
Jonathan’s TV pilot script Chrome was nominated for an AWGIE in 2010, and his feature script Leonardo’s War reached the top 30 of the 2012 Nicholl Fellowships competition.

He is represented by Rick Raftos Management.

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