Mini Review – Warm Bodies

Warm bodies 

Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson

Bad title, good premise: the zombie apocalypse from a zombie’s point of view. R – that’s as much of his name as he can remember – is played by Nicholas Hoult, who brings his perfect natural pallor to the role.

R isn’t a bad guy. He’s just trying to get through undeath at a slow shuffle, like everyone else. He and the other zombies occupy an abandoned airport, swapping grunts and occasionally going off to hunt for someone to eat.

One day his hunting party runs into a group of humans who have ventured out from their fortified settlement on a supply run. When R(omeo) sees Julie(t), something stirs inside him other than his stomach juices. Is it his dormant humanity? R captures Julie and takes her back to the airport, but not as a takeaway snack. Could she ever love him?

Funny, and more com than rom or zom. 8/10

Released April 11, 2013.


Jonathan Empson’s TV script Chrome was nominated for an AWGIE in 2010.

His recently completed historical drama-comedy feature Leonardo’s War is in circulation, and his black comedy-thriller Get Out of Here has been optioned.

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