Best of the Web 27 Jan

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Story & Structure

:: Screenwriting lessons you can learn from The Big Lebowski/a>
Is The Three Act Structure Dead?
:: MacGuffins and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’
:: Toughest Scene I Wrote: Tony Kushner on Lincoln
:: Is Dating Dated?

Script Perfection

:: Breaking Down the Wall Between You and Your Next Great Scene
:: And The Screenwriting Oscars Go To…
:: About Me and How to Talk Sh*t with Comedy Writers

Pitching & Selling

:: Dealing with Rejection as a Writer
:: 10 Things You Need to Succeed as a Writer
:: The Pitch Meeting Structure Used By Hollywood Pros
:: 2012 Year-End Spec Market Scorecard

Best of the Rest

:: Realistic Writing Goals Minus the Punching Bag
:: Mark Boal on Zero Dark Thirty
:: Why I Don’t do Notes for Strangers

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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