Best o/t Web 10 Oct

:: Michael Mann directs Luck for HBO
:: Compete with Hollywood? Yes you can
:: Seventy-Five years of development…
:: Reviewed: the script that took $1.5m
:: Free download: Syriana (UK only)
:: Johnny Depp: an awesome dude
:: Ghostbusters 3 will happen, says Ackroyd
:: About the main character of Let Me In
:: How to keep writing?
:: Superman script a mess, now with Snyder. Oh dear…
:: What is the point of the scene?

COMING SOON to the Story Department:

  • Mystery Man on Monday: Visual Storytelling (2)
  • How to write a blockbuster?



2 thoughts on “Best o/t Web 10 Oct”

  1. re: ‘Seventy five years of development’. Are readers aware that the source – The Onion – is a satirical magazine?


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