Best of the Web 29 Dec

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Story & Structure

:: Great Character: Hans Gruber (“Die Hard”)
:: The 10 Best Screenplays I Read This Year!
:: Amateur Friday – The Jaguar’s Fang

Script Perfection

:: 30 Screenwriting Sites You Should Follow
:: Why the 9-to-5 Day Is So Tough on Creative Workers
:: Jack Kerouac’s 30 Points to Write and Live By
:: Scriptnotes, 123: Scriptnotes Holiday Spectacular
:: 52 Book Reviews: The Best of 2013
:: Writing Goals: 2014 — The Only Way Out Is Through

Best of the Rest

:: A Filmmaker’s Motivation A – Z
:: David O. Russell on ‘American Hustle’
:: Eye on the Oscars: Writers on Writers
:: Wolf of Wall St screenwriter Terence Winter
:: ‘Batman-Superman’: Chris Terrio to Write
:: Scriptshadow’s Ten Worst and Ten Best Movies Of The Year

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