Video: Steve Kaplan & RomCom

After attending Steve Kaplan’s RomCom seminar in Sydney earlier this year, I became an instant fan.

It’s my intention to interview him some time over the next few weeks and I thought the following video would be a nice warming-up exercise for this.

The video was recorded during a radio interview for ABC at the start of his Australia trip this year. If you’re interested in more after watching the video, be sure to check out the article Steve wrote on  The Hidden Tools Of Comedy.

Have fun!

With thanks to Louise Lee Mei.


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2 thoughts on “Video: Steve Kaplan & RomCom”

  1. Thanks so much for posting these videos Karel; (managed to catch part 2 on You Tube,)I really hope you catch up with Steve Kaplan for an interview too. I also read the post about hidden comedy tools and liked the quote about drama/life/comedy so much I re tweeted for the benefit of those who pick up my threads.

    Really glad to have bumped into you on Twitter,
    Kindest regards,


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