and merge

The CEO’s of  and  and have just announced the merger of their companies in an email to their members. Both have provided online script formatting services for the past 2 and 3 years. Together they claim they will be the largest screenwriting community online.

In the email to his members, Sunil Rajaraman (Scripped) writes:

Effective Monday, you will begin to see some major changes to

But the real changes will happen for the Zhura members, as Eric MacDonald (Zhura) says:

First, the name Zhura is a thing of the past […]. Starting on Monday,
you’ll be directed to – where you’ll enjoy an updated look and feel.

Not a bad thing, really. The Scripped site has always looked more inspiring, where Zhura had a more factual feel. And it seems Scripped has focused more on strong interaction with its members through events and contests.

The numbers have now become quite impressive, according to MacDonald:

With over 50,000 combined members, we also become
the fastest-growing and largest screenwriting community online.

That’s obviously not taking into account The Story Department. (LOL)

Their respective sites don’t have any mention of the merger at the time of publication.

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