Snapshot (that’ll never be)

While you’re all happily holidaying, we have some intense labouring behind the scenes in order to bring you the new 2010 version of The Story Dept., from early January.

The screen shot is not the final layout as you could have expected. Where is the site’s title? ;)

Update 27/12: As a matter of fact, the theme will not even be the one in the picture.

With the help of Lee Sheppard, I’ve worked had to find a theme that suits the needs of The Story Department’s future and that’s at the same time pleasing to the eye.

In terms of the look and feel, we’re moving on from Brian Gardner’s wonderful Blue Zinfandel to …

Well, you’ll have to come back on or after 1 January to find out.

All your favorite categories will stay and you’ll be delighted to find some great new stuff, with the emphasis on ‘FIND’ (LOL).

Telling from the energy of the recent weeks and months in the Department, 2010 promises to be the best Year ever.

Happy Holidays!


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