Show, Don’t Tell

There’s an old adage in screenwriting — show, don’t tell. If there’s a key character trait, event, or setting that the audience needs to know about, provide that information visually. by Trevor Mayes Why? – Humans are visual — we learn things more quickly and readily by seeing. – Showing is quicker than telling — after … Read more

Rom Com Gone?

My favourite movie genre is the romantic comedy. I’m unashamedly hooked on the romance and cheesiness that can ensue when boy meets girl. No matter how many I see, I always want more. But what’s happened to all the rom coms? by Jamie Campbell I recently saw Silver Linings Playbook, which I heard described as … Read more

[The Graduate]: Collaborating in a Writer’s Circle

Is collaboration the key to unlocking the potential in your stories? The straight-forward answer to that is “of course!” But it took a while for me to learn the true power of collaborating with other writers to see a story through. by Marie Setiawan This week I was invited to the screening of a feature … Read more

Same But Different

I remember being in one of Karel’s seminars once when he said that most movies were ‘the same, but different’. It was something that stuck with me ever since. by Jamie Campbell There is only one Hero’s Journey, it’s a tried and true formula that has been around for ages. So if we all know … Read more