Writing With a Partner

Writing partnerships are like marriages. They can continue in bliss or end up in bitter divorce. by Steve Kaire Working with a writing partner can either reduce your workload by half or create twice the headaches. Any kind of partnership is fraught with peril. If it fails, not only does the project come to an … Read more

[The Graduate]: Collaborating in a Writer’s Circle

Is collaboration the key to unlocking the potential in your stories? The straight-forward answer to that is “of course!” But it took a while for me to learn the true power of collaborating with other writers to see a story through. by Marie Setiawan This week I was invited to the screening of a feature … Read more

On Collaboration

Adulthood drastically lessened the time I devoted to writing, although not the time I spent thinking about stories. Search ‘the screenwriter’ on Vimeo. I dare you. You’ll be confronted with dozens of videos encapsulating the stereotype of the screenwriter … by Jamie Wynen … a brooding, frustrated figure sitting at their desk, striking furiously at … Read more