The Judges



Our 10 judges frequently review the loglines    of films that are in development. The objective is to all (including us) learn from the exercise.


Jack Brislee has written 15 screenplays, one stage play and one novel.

As head of the NSW branch of the AWG writers group he has analysed hundreds of screenplays.Jack is a regular contributor to The Story Department.



Nina Warren is a Business Development Manager and former dancer with the Australian Ballet.

She has lived Monte Carlo, Zurich, Hong Kong and now lives in Sydney.

Currently, she is working on her first script.



Margaret M. MacDonald is a production designer and award winning screenwriter.

She has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York and currently Sydney. She aims to use both her writing and designing to create cinematic worlds. She also loves to discuss the past, present and future and filmmaking and isn’t afraid to disagree with you.

You can find more of Margaret on



Steven Fernandez is a writer-director of short films and Mono Mania monologue nights in Sydney, Australia.

He is currently writing Human Liberation ‚ an epic novel and screenplay package set in mythic ancient Greece.

The novel is 40% complete at this stage.



Karel Segers is a producer and script consultant who started in movies as a rights buyer for Europe’s largest pay TV group Canal+.

Karel teaches, consults and lectures on screenwriting and the principles of storytelling to his 5-year old son Baxter and anyone who listens.

He is also the boss of this blog.



Dan Slevin is a New Zealand-based writer, broadcaster and strategic communications consultant.

He has reviewed cinema for Wellington’s Capital Times weekly newspaper since September 2006, seeing and reviewing every film commercially released in Wellington in that time (except, for some reason, Flicka or Beverly Hills Chihuahua).

His reviews are collected at his blog ‚”Funerals & Snakes‚” and he tweets here.



Robin Kelly works for the Youth Service In Birmingham, England.

He likes the best films in every genre.

You can follow his blog here



I’m doing an internship at the Story Department while studying an arts degree in Visual Communication at uni.

I enjoy stories in films, music, novels and short stories.

I’m currently working on my screenwriting craft and hope to get my stories realised on the screen.



Graduating in 2008 from Paris College Of The Arts, this film geek/sex kitten (this blurb was written by a third party) has been inspired by many things, including but not limited to a stint as a hostess in Berlin and a New York adventure.

She writes amazing film reviews for LA based online magazine Lost In A Supermarket which you should read religiously.


Retired but still respected:




Kim Garland works in Development at Braven Films, a NYC-based film production company.

She is a screenwriter, a co-founder of Scriptchat and in 2011 plans to write and direct her first short film.

For more about Kim visit



Niels Abercrombie is a student at the NHL University of Applied Sciences currently in his fourth and last year of his Bachelor in Communication & Multimedia Design.

As part of his study he worked as an intern for Karel at TheStoryDepartment.


Ursula Dabrowsky went to film school in Montreal where she made several experimental shorts before she moved to Adelaide, South Australia in the 90’s where she has been making films since. For her feature FAMILY DEMONS, she won Best Australian Director at the 2009 A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney. The film was released on DVD and sold internationally. Ursula is hard at work on CITY OF CORPSES, a new horror screenplay in the Demon Trilogy,

financed through the SAFC’s Film Lab.


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  1. I am trying to get in contact with Nina Warren. We are old “dance” friends from Hong Kong and Monte Carlo. Nina will know me as Deborah Clegg. My married name is Deborah Mercer.

    I would be so grateful if you could ask Nina to email me.

    Thank you.

  2. Me too! I’d love to reconnect with Nina. We attended the Carol Bateman School of Dancing in Hong Kong together as well as being classmates at Island School. I’m currently visiting HK for our ballet school’s 75th anniversary (Nov 2023) and our Principal, Mrs Joan Campbell MBE is now 94 and still absolutely formidable! I would truly love to reconnect with Nina, thank you.
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