The Mobile Dept.

No matter how much I love the new cool look of The Story Department, on my phone it kinda looks pathetic.

For the alarmingly increasing amount of iPhone users among my readers, I just had to do something about the mobile readability of the site.

Like most people, when on the mobile, I want to read content easily, not admire exquisite site design.

So enter WPtouch, a solution to bring this blog in a legible format into the decade of mobile browsing.

That it makes a world of difference, show the below two before/after screenshots.

patheticTSD Mobile NY 2010

Different months are color-coded:

Months Colour-coded

Clicking on the article headings brings you to a clearly legible version of the post:


You can also directly go to the various categories, the RSS Feed or send me an email:

Style, Tags & Categories

Not much else to say; just go to The Story Department on your mobile and try it out.

What you need to do? Nothing. It’s on by default.

If you really, really want to see the original desktop design, you can switch the mobile theme off at the bottom of the page.

Happy browsing!


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