Video: David Simon on the end of the American Century

If you’re not a socialist, beware…
This talk could make you one.
David Simon explains and criticizes the way profit has become the sole purpose of capitalist America.
You may want to have a drink ready.


David Simon created my all-time favorite TV drama series, The Wire. The show provided a sharp observation of where the American society – and much of the civilized world – is heading. It’s not a pretty picture.

In this talk Simon digs more deeply into his inspiration for writing the series and his views on where we’re heading. “Nothing makes you stupid like money” is no news but when he expounds on why to “the American century is ending,” he has me – and hopefully you in his grip.

A few sound bites:

“I would like to think that the American future was still ahead of us in every sense and that the Wire and to an extent Generation Kill and Treme and The Corner are all hyperbolic and overly pessimistic. I just don’t believe it.”

“I got to see some things that have convinced me that I don’t even think we have the stomach to recognize our own problems much less address any of them.”

“If you say anything that is suggestive of the fact that free market enterprise is not the answer to every social problem – in fact it is rarely the answer to any social problem – you’re marginalized.”

“We’re jailing more of each other for less threat than ever before in the history of the republic. Why are we doing this?”

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