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For most of my life, Steven Spielberg has been my favorite filmmaker. He has just re-won my heart with The Adventures of Tintin and in this video he shares some insights that weirdly I had come to realize only recently myself. Enjoy.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about how we achieve the best things in life. For me, every single of these things was unplanned. In fact, if I had planned, they probably wouldn’t have happened or I wouldn’t have seen the opportunities.

I’m currently involved with one of the most exciting professional opportunities I’ve ever had. It is the adaptation into a screenplay of the story of the battle of Long Tan. This battle, which only took a few hours on 18 August 1966, is still today one of Australia’s most memorable war feats. Had I responded to Martin Walsh’ call in the way that I had planned my career, I would not have been involved to the degree that I am today.

Now I hear Spielberg say how his career was in no way planned.

Screenwriters, don’t take this the wrong way: your career DOES involve planning, more particularly when you are writing a script. But on the whole, I agree that the important turns in our lives are not plannable.

They happen because we’re open to the right opportunities.

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