Who Was Mystery Man?

Scott Myers has paid tribute to Mystery Man over the past weekend and if you haven’t read it yet, make sure you go there after reading this. Since the news of his passing, fans have been posting, emailing and tweeting asking “Who Was Mystery Man”?

Ironically, his very last post here was titled “Who Is John Galt?” To appreciate the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged, the answer to that question didn’t matter.

To appreciate MM’s writing, it didn’t matter who he was.

His assistant indicated that he didn’t want his identity to be revealed and that’s probably why she waited a certain amount of time after his physical death to inform the fans.
It is the responsibility of those who actually know who he was, to respect the mystery.

Meanwhile, we are allowed to guess. And you know what? I think MM would have loved the increased buzz around this mystery.

For myself, I have figured out who he was.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m right or wrong. But over the past 48 hours I have discovered another side of this enigmatic character that I have come to love almost as much as the MM persona he manufactured – and who was in some ways quite the opposite of the man behind the scenes. The more I find, the more it all adds up.

And then, suddenly, plowing through the wonderful amount of bits and pieces of his online legacy, I stumbled on this music track by one of my favorite musicians. I had never heard it before.

It’s a beautiful, sad piece that closes the curtain on MM for me in a way that couldn’t be more appropriate.

I hope you enjoy it, too.


photo credit curtain: Michael (mx5tx)

10 thoughts on “Who Was Mystery Man?”

  1. The Internet is a vast resource. I think I know who MM is. And, like you, I care not one whit if I’m right or wrong, I’m thrilled to have some personal correspondence from one of the best.

  2. It’s sad that he’s left us, he was an amazing writer and his works were genuis. I don’t suppose you would like to share your theories? I must say I am really curious…

  3. Take a day off, have some breakfast at the club–don’t forget the jelly. Take a plane or a train, and ask your uncle Buck. Whatever you do, don’t sit home alone. Take a vacation. It takes no weird science to figure out who the mystery man is.

  4. Wow. I had no idea why MM stopped tweeting and posting, I just thought he was busy.

    This is a true disappointment. He was a very very smart man. Someone should compile a definitive volume of his works.

  5. Karel and Millar – This is my version of who shot JFK. I respected and valued MM very much and eagerly awaited each post. It is a shame he is gone. I believe he left his mark. I would love to know who you think he was..


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