Your screenwriting software of choice?

Gone are the days when you only had to choose between The Beatles and The Stones, i.e. between Final Draft or MM Screenwriter.

Thank God for the impact of the web on screenwriting, with a plethora of new options marketed to all screenwriters, rich or poor.

The list keeps growing by the day.

story development titles such as Movie Outline or PowerStructure.

We’ll be running this survey on a regular basis to track any trends.


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6 thoughts on “Your screenwriting software of choice?”

  1. I use Montage from Mariner Software on Os X … simple and good for formatting. The only caveau is that very very rarely it crashes. But, hey!, it’s a good way to rewrite stuff isn’t it? :)

  2. I use Celtx for screenplays and Sophocles for television format. I paid for Sophocles when it was on special many years ago, and despite it disappearing, will continue using it until Celtx adds in a few more TV options.

  3. I use Final Draft for most things. But the prep stages of a big write I really love Scrivener. It’s like having a Trapper-Keeper for all your research.

  4. I am using Celtx but have tried Scriptware for Windows, Open Source and Zahura. I prefer the security of Celtx on my computer

  5. I’ve used Scrivener and Contour to outline stories, and both work fine, but I switched to Movie Outline recently and I’m happy with that. For the actual writing I use Movie Magic Screenwriter. Never used Final Draft, so I can’t compare, but MM Screenwriter does it all for me.


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