Make Our Myths

What is the motivation for our films? How does the Australian film industry maintain its identity in this new age of filmmaking? What should a screenwriter focus on in order to catch the audience? The purpose of Australian feature film production, I propose, is not to tell our own stories.  The purpose of our feature … Read more

The Sequence Approach

“Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach” by Paul Joseph Gulino. Continuum International Publishing Group Inc. New York, NY 2004. 230 pages. ISBN-13: 0-8264-1568-7 Amazon Price: US $14.25 Paul Gulino is Associate Professor of Screenwriting at Chapman University in California. He is a produced screenwriter and playwright. ORIGINS The sequence method takes us back to 1897, and the … Read more

The Incident versus The Call

On the one hand there are the followers of Syd Field who speak of ‘Inciting Incident’.  Then there are the believers in mythology who speak the language of Joseph Campbell and prefer ‘The Call to Adventure’. To make matters worse, others speak of ‘Opportunity’ or ‘Disturbance’, Catalyst etc. Chances are this post is not going to … Read more

The Reverse Arc

I saw Barefoot in the Park the other night. It was okay. But something interesting happened in the Third Act that might be worth sharing. We reach the point of the story where the characters have fully arc’d. Jane Fonda had felt that Robert Redford was “a stuffed shirt” who never allows himself to get drunk … Read more

Best o/t Web 14 Feb 10

:: Happy Valentine! Mernit and the Revenge of the Romantic
:: Download the Moonstruck script at
:: The Dorothy Effect: travelling to another world.
:: It’s now Denis Lehane, Screenwriter.
:: Bill Martell’s stalker story. Or isn’t it? Part 1.
:: Low budget writing is not always the answer.
:: A 3-act short story in only 52 secs.
:: Psycho’s problem with the censors.
:: Interview with Ben Ripley, writer of Source Code.
:: Emily Blake on character introductions.
:: Chris Nolan’s 3rd Batman movie confirmed.
:: Terminator Rebooted and Recycled.
:: Ratatouille, Star Wars and the need for Perspective
:: Alex Epstein: Conveniences vs. Conventions.
:: Science Fiction writers get better with age.
:: Just too many great scripts to list this week at
:: Alexandra Sokoloff reminds us: What is High Concept?
:: John August’s 10 hints for Index Cards.

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