Best of the Web 1 Jul

Story & Structure

:: What Should Be Going On by Act 3?
:: Lessons From Bad Movies
:: Draw Emotions into Black Comedy
:: Script Tip: Direct Conflict
:: Preaching
:: Brave Shows How to Create a Brand New Fairy Tale from Scratch
:: Podcast: Charlie Kaufman, Screenwriting Lecture at BAFTA
:: Pilot Sneak Peeks: A Areat Premise is No Excuse to Cut Corners on Characters

Script Perfection

:: Screenwriting tip from ‪’Brave’
:: What Steve Said – The Learning Curve
:: More Advice for Young Writers
:: A Good Example of a Spec Script
:: Strong Dialogue Can Work in Many Places
:: Script Look: Super Friends – Written for the Market
:: How To Read A Screenplay

Pitching & Selling

:: 10 Rules of Blockbuster Movies that Hollywood Forgot
:: 10 Reasons Why I Pass on Scripts
:: Matching your Idea with the Hollywood Business Model
:: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Marketing Hits the Streets

Best of the Rest

:: This is What Human Cloning Looked Like in 1900
:: Spider Man Treatment by James Cameron
:: SoundWorks Collection Looks Behind the Sound of Pixar’s ‘Brave’
:: Scorsese Swaps Film for Digital
:: Documentaries to Watch Before You Die
:: Brave Review: Lives up to the Pixar Pedigree
:: 5 Tips For Building the DC Movie Universe

With thanks to Jamie C. and Brooke Trezise.



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