Best of the Web 10 Feb

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Story & Structure

:: Inherently Dramatic Characters
:: Empathetic Heroes and ‘Cinderella Man’
:: Is 80’s Style Action Dead?
:: Great Scene: Die Hard
:: Villains: John August podcast
:: Punching the Puppet – Writing Specs
:: Review: This Is 40

Script Perfection

:: Does Your Dialogue Make This Mistake?
:: 115 Words for Walk
:: 12 Signs of a Promising Spec Script
:: Screenwriting Advice from the Past
:: Paul Thomas Anderson Q&A: The Master
:: Quentin Tarantino: On Screenwriting
:: Screenwriting Tip # 1209
:: Producing Ideas Circa 1939
:: Enjoy the Little Successes on Your Screenwriting Journey
:: “How to…” Books
:: 1, 2, 7, 14 Method
:: Writer’s Block—Really?

Pitching & Selling

:: Don’t Blame Pitching Fumble On The Flip-Flops
:: Best Time of Year to Find an Agent
:: Do Pro Writers Try to Sabotage Aspiring Writers?
:: Meet Your Filmmaking Co-Conspirator
:: A New Age of T.V Series Consumption: Netflix
:: Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Competition
:: Time to Make A Movie: Filmmaking Stuff
:: January 2013 Spec Market Roundup

Best of the Rest

:: Roman Polanski BFI Retrospective: The Tenant (1976)
:: ‘American Pickers’ Road to TV with Show Creator Mike Wolfe, Part 2
:: Interview with Shane Black
:: Alex Epstein blog: Courier Prime
:: Free Filming Locations
:: Brad Bird’s ‘Tomorrowland’ 1952 Mystery Box
:: Mercifully Short Review: Bullet to the Head
:: David Mamet’s HBO film: ‘Phil Spector’
:: Anna Karenina : Mercifully Short Reviews
:: Are Movies Getting Needlessly Longer?
:: JJ Abrams: Half-life and Portal to the Big Screen?
:: Scarcity and Abundance in the Digital Age
:: How to Avoid Filmmaking Headaches
:: Movies That Should Become Spin-off TV Series
:: Deadlines

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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