Best of the Web 22 Sep

Story & Structure

:: Scene-Writing Month: Day 5 – Chase Scenes
:: French Week – The Intouchables
:: 5 TV Rules That Aren’t Rules Anymore
:: Creator Ethan Nicolle Talks About Writing For Television

Script Perfection

:: Breaking Bad and the Necessity of an Unhappy Ending
:: The Un-Rules of Screenwriting: Karen McCullah’s List
:: Challenge Yourself to Write Every Day with the Fall Goalpost
:: Don’t Do Research When You Hit Your Writing Groove
:: Kill… or be Killed.
:: Writing Routines of Successful Writers
:: The Failure of the Second Ask

Pitching & Selling

:: Making a Movie is Easy: A 3‐Step Process That Worked for ‘Prisoners’
:: The Fantastic Short Film ‘Noah’
:: Do I Hate The Writer-Director (and Other French Musings)?

Best of the Rest

:: The Rise of the Television Show About Watching TV
:: Insidious 2 Writer Leigh Whannell
:: Oklahoma Film Accountant Turns Screenwriter for ‘The Ultimate Gift’
:: Interview: Mynette Louie — Part 1

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