Best o/t Web 24 Jan 10

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:: Never in cinemas. But read the treatment here: Spider-M4n.
:: Subplots: What are they? How can they enhance my script?
:: Subplot up close: “Back to the Future”.
:: The Sherlock Holmes Screenplay.
:: 10 (well.. 9) Sci-Fi Heroes who don’t need origin stories.
:: Modern writing technology and their speeds (via Kottke)
:: High school scribes: what you should be doing right now.
:: “Cross-pollination for emerging writers” visit Talentville.
:: Screenwriter George Axelrod breaks down his beloved projects.
:: Always note your theme, it will make your movie for you (or at least a lot easier).
:: Finding your character means following your own rules.
:: The Book of Eli: script and review.
:: The screenplay won’t make the screen: an important lesson.
:: An interview with screenwriter/director of Crazy Heart, Scott Cooper.
:: Martin Scorsese receives the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Globes.


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