Best of the Web 10 Nov

Story & Structure

:: Screenwriting Website of the Week: Screenwriter Writing
:: Subtext
:: Screenplay Review – The Giver
:: Script to Novel – 5 Steps to Adapting Backwards
:: Mythbusters – Flashbacks

Script Perfection

:: “Almost All Good Writing Begins with Terrible First Efforts”
:: 10 Screenwriting Mistakes to Avoid
:: Learn The Craft
:: Therapist for Blocked Screenwriters
:: The Great Offender

Pitching & Selling

:: 20 Things You Should Never Do In A Pitch Meeting
:: “A Spec Script Will Not Sell Unless it has a Strong Story Concept”
:: 24 Tips for Pitching Your Script
:: Tracking the Spec-Turned-Movie Market

Best of the Rest

:: Award Season Screenplay Download
:: 7 Life Lessons for Writers (and Everyone Else)
:: Quote of the Day: Rita Mae Brown
:: TV Pilot – Silicon Valley
:: Understand Nightmares through Psychology
:: George Clooney and others on the Highs and Lows of Screenwriting

With thanks to Jamie Campbell.



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