Best of the Web 13 Oct

Story & Structure

:: Structuring Your Script with the Dan Harmon Story Circle
:: Dialogue as “Character Communication”
:: Great Character: Frank (“Donnie Darko”)
:: Great Scene: “Rocky”
:: Ten Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From ‘Toy Story 3’
:: Screenplay Review – Our Name Is Adam

Script Perfection

:: Top 10 Tips for Writing a Hollywood Blockbuster
:: The Simple Things Every Writer Should Know
:: Saved.
:: How To Bust Writer’s Block
:: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
:: Screenwriting 101: Daniel Kunka

Pitching & Selling

:: Diablo Cody: The 7 Things No One Tells You About Being a Top Screenwriter
:: September 2013 Pitch Market Roundup
:: What We Can Learn From Six Box Office Bombs
:: Why Television Takes Time to Become Great

Best of the Rest

:: Daily Routines of Creative Minds
:: ‘Breaking Bad’: Walter White Obit Placed in Albuquerque Paper
:: Why ‘It’s Like a 13-Hour Movie’ Fails to Do Justice to Great TV
:: Fall Movies to Refresh the Big Screen
:: How Malick and Cuarón’s D.P. Got These 5 Shots
:: Showtime Told Dexter Writers They Couldn’t Kill Dexter
:: Movie Review – Gravity
:: Interview: Destin Daniel Cretton — Part 1 “Short Term 12”

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