Best of the Web 5 Oct

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Story & Structure

:: “Action Comes From Drama, and Drama is Conflict: What’s the Conflict?”
:: Gordy Hoffman of BlueCat Talks What Makes a Story Great

Script Perfection

:: Expert Advice on Unpacking Your Comedic Screenwriting Toolbox
:: The Art of Screenwriting
:: 10 Distinctive Voices In Film
:: ‘Forrest Gump’ screenwriter Eric Roth uses a DOS program to write scripts

Pitching & Selling

:: Universal Pictures Brings Back Emerging Writers Fellowship
:: The Ultimate Logline Contest Is Back!

Best of the Rest

:: Guardians Of The Galaxy Screenwriter Nicole Perlman To Pen Gamora Series
:: What to Wear Today? Hmmm… A script!
:: Gilligan’s Island Copyright nightmares
:: Max Borenstein Is Back To Craft Godzilla 2 Screenplay

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