Charlie Kaufman Masterclass In Sweden

Charlie Kaufman in Sweden

Nakedly sincere, Charlie Kaufman presents us with a strikingly insightful masterclass on writing without a formula, the responsibilities of a film-maker and the art of failing. Although diffident and somewhat gawky in appearance, Kaufman’s surety of his own work is absolute. “If what you’re doing does not have the possibility of failing, then by definition, … Read more

4 Questions For Writers [Make a difference]

Today, Seth Godin posted four “Simple Questions For Writers”. Godin usually blogs about marketing, business culture, and what he calls ‘art’ (doing your job as your ‘bliss’). He is a prolific writer himself, with many bestselling books. The ‘questions for writers’ in today’s post relates to any kind of writer, in fact he doesn’t even mention the … Read more

Wanted: Creative Inspiration [Babies Don’t Come From Babies]

About his creative inspiration, Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett once said “Babies don’t come from babies.” He meant that the greatest music doesn’t come from studying other great music. He is no longer influenced by predecessors or contemporaries. Instead, he reads. And he ‘listens’. “My main job is listening. If you’re improvising and you’re not listening, the next second that … Read more

Film School Is NOT A Waste Of Your Time [10 Reasons Why]

Peter Jackson once said “The more you know, the less you achieve.” He is a self-made filmmaker, and claims to have proven you don’t really need film school. Google “Which filmmakers did film school?” – and you’ll find a long list of articles about, and Top 10-lists of filmmakers who never went to film school. Is … Read more

Why Creative Careers Fail [And Why You Will Succeed]

There are just as many ways to break into the creative industries, as there are people working in it. Similarly, there are as many reasons for failure as there are failed creative careers. I’m going to cover a few that I have seen, (or even experienced myself). A Creative Career Is (Not) A Job A creative career … Read more