For the Love of the Blog

On Friday I was a guest again on Larry Jordan’s Digital Production Buzz, a talk radio on digital production.

I’ve learned to be suspicious on those days because it seems each time disaster strikes.


Last time, back in 2008, my home page was hacked within hours after the show, just when the exposure was giving me an unprecedented traffic peak.

(I won’t tell you what exactly happened to the home page – you can guess. )

The plan was to test my brand new toy and show off its superb sound quality. ┬áBut that was not counting in the contribution from Australia’s major telco Telstra, delivering broadband to my home. Well, sometimes.

Not that day. Larry was going to call my Skype-in number at exactly 11.27am local time.

My broadband connection went down at exactly 11.22am.

So the whole call took place over cell phone, resulting in a pretty abysmal sound quality for me. Embarrassingly I couldn’t even distinguish Larry from co-host Michael Horton who, so it appeared after listening to the recording, had asked me a few questions too. Listen to the talk: it seems I’m trying really hard to be a complete douchebag and ignore Michael throughout the entire call.

The actual interview was quite fun and I had the opportunity to talk about my love for this blog, our community and how working with some writers is like peering straight into their soul.

If you have more than 14mins30 (the duration of my bit) and you’re interested in the work on the coloring of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, you should listen to the entire broadcast.

Enjoy the show!


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