Mini-Review – The Deep Blue Sea

The Deep Blue Sea

Mercifully Short Review
by Jonathan Empson


This melodrama set in post-war London starts with Hester (Rachel Weisz) trying to kill herself in a traditionally genteel 1950s way – with gas. Perhaps it’s to avoid having to star in the rest of this rather glacial film, and it represents the high point of the action.

Hester has left her wealthy, conservative, sweet but passionless (and older) husband to run off with an ex-fighter pilot who’s finding peacetime a bit of a bore, and Hester a bit clingy. It’s a grim and unliberated time to be a woman, and Hester is short of options despite her independent streak.

Small in ambition and minimalist in plot, this is nevetheless more watchable than you might think, largely thanks to the mesmerising Weisz.


Released April 15, 2012.

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