Network where the action is

I’m not good at networking or socialising. At least I never thought I was. People kept telling me to go to certain parties, but until recently I thought I’d just make a fool of myself, trying desperately to impress „the important people“.

But then I realised that maybe I had the wrong conception of these kind of things. It turned out that I just had to get to talk with people, be myself, tell something about me, and to have a bit of luck. And suddenly I had a great opportunity at hand!

But before I realised that, I came to understand something else: It’s never wrong to be where the action is. I was in Cannes during the film festival this year. I did not have anaccreditation and I was aware I wouldn’t be seeing much (which turned out to be completely wrong, but that’s another story), I just came to enjoy the athmosphere and the sun.

It’s never wrong to be where the action is.

On day one of my visit I had already seen my first red carpet show and was so thrilled about it and happy with my visit that I thought the day was over. So I went to a bar to celebrate all by myself. But that day wasn’t over by far and I wasn’t all by myself for long. Within minutes I got talking with two Americans at the next table. At first I was a bit disappointed that they weren’t film people, but they were nice and I stayed for longer than I had anticipated. And after a while I found out they were pilots of a private jet belonging to a Hollywood producer.

Actually, I didn’t care much about this fact as I didn’t look at this as a business contact. But later I told one of them about the film script I’m working on. He was suddenly all interested and asked a whole lot of questions about it and then said, well, give it to me and I’ll give it my boss. For some reason I didn’t take this too seriously either and just kept on talking about something, wondering why the hell he wasn’t listening, but talking on the phone, until I heard the words: „I’m sitting here with this young, interesting, european film-maker. Could she send you her new film script?“ And then he handed over the phone to me!

And there I was, talking to a Hollywood producer at 2 am about my screenplay. And he did invite me to send the script over!

There I was, talking to a Hollywood producer
at 2 am about my screenplay.

The next day it took me a while to realize what really had happened that night, but the fact is, I got my first connection to Hollywood and whatever the outcome will be, at least I know now what being in the right place at the right time and talking to people can be worth.

-Carmen Moreno

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Carmen Moreno is a young filmmaker from Sevilla, Spain. She is the granddaughter of the famous toreador Enrique Moreno, whose autobiography she is currently adapting into a feature screenplay.
She describes her screenwriting style as ‘wildly imaginative, energetic and rebellious’. Her only fear is that one day she will have to bring structure into her stories in order to appeal to an audience beyond the walls of the city of Sevilla.

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