[Video]: Andrew Dominik on adapting Killing Them Softly

Screenwriter-director Andrew Dominik discusses adapting Cogan’s Trade into the upcoming release, Killing Them Softly, starring Brad Pitt and Ben Mendelsohn. What attracted him to making the film? How much thought went into the process? Do films make any sense when they’re allowed to grow organically rather than being planned?

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2 thoughts on “[Video]: Andrew Dominik on adapting Killing Them Softly”

  1. I found this after seeing Killing Them Softly last night, as part of a
    burning desire to understand what it was about. I wasn’t sure if it was
    deep, lazy, or stupid. After watching this interview I am grimly
    shunting my opinion towards the middle option. This is the kind of
    writer that makes you think, hey. If this guy gets given money to write
    films, then I should be the Space Emperor of Mars by now.

    Maybe I’m being overly harsh. Maybe Dominik was still tired from
    shooting, or had a migraine, or just got accidentally lobotomized by an
    insane dentist and spent the afternoon desperately hunting for his
    liberated right hemisphere. But I was a little disappointed with how
    apathetic he was about understanding his own film structure.

    • I honestly don’t believe Dominik understands film story. CHOPPER worked despite the story flaws, thanks to Bana’s groundbreaking performance.

      It’s been downhill for him since.

      I do admire his honesty when he admits he still has a career thanks to Brad Pitt. Then later he says he likes him, adding “as an actor”. Bizarre…


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