[Video]: Sucker Punch’s Hidden Subversiveness

It’s still puzzling why Zack Snyder’s pop-culture pastiche film Sucker Punch bombed out. Many critics felt that it alienated its audiences by rampantly objectifying women as action heroes in skin-tight outfits, and ultimately the $82 million movie failed to have much commercial or cultural impact.

If you were of the same opinion – you were wrong. Fast-talking pop culture critic Bob Chipman suggests that it operates on a much deeper level – containing a satire of the sexploitation genre that goes easily missed.

The Escapist : The Big Picture : You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part One

Check out Part Two here: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/the-big-picture/6266-You-Are-Wrong-About-Sucker-Punch-Part-Two


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3 thoughts on “[Video]: Sucker Punch’s Hidden Subversiveness”

  1. Suckerpunch didn’t “SUCK” because it took advantage of women. It was bad because it never established any rules for the story world(s). Therefore there was no danger. They flew around like super heroes that couldn’t be killed. No danger, no conflict = boring!

    Would have been a great movie if it was all at the asylum.


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