Best o/t Web 25 Jul 10

:: Wizard of Oz, a flop? Since when?
:: My project sold in Hollywood! Except it’s not my project, it’s my project’s evil twin.
:: 40 days of screenplays: Shawshank Redemption.
:: Script development: when to let the readers in.
:: You’re an agent, you want to read my script, so why won’t you again?
:: Movie dream sequences explained.
:: Michel Gondry’s favorite flicks.
:: It’s time for Chris Nolan’s victory dance.
:: Elements of act three: a great climax.
:: Film critics rejoice.

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Screenplays from Estonia

It’s 4 AM. I am not writing. I am waiting. It’s that feeling of nervous energy contrasted with heavy eyelids on dry, malfunctioning eyes. Taste of diet coke in my mouth. Tenseness in the stomach. A cool breeze blows from the open window, but every part of my body is still sticky with sweat from … Read more

Writing Drama (8)

Yves Lavandier’s book Writing Drama currently rates as the absolute favorite of our book reviewer Jack Brislee. To give you the opportunity to delve into Lavandier’s amazing knowledge and insight, we will be publishing a weekly excerpt from the book. Emotion The spectator is an essential partner in the dramatic process. In fact it can … Read more

Video: John August on Screenwriting

John August’s blog rocks. Seeing and hearing him talk about his work is even more inspiring.

Here is a great, 2-hour talk with the screenwriter about his work and the industry. Did you know he worked on Minority Report?

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Structure: Toy Story 2

The second movie in the Toy Story trilogy resonates with me the most. Toy Story 3 builds on it thematically, far more than on the first installment. Like all Pixar pics, Toy Story 2 is not just a kids movie. It digs deeply into the fears of its characters. After seeing Inception this week, for me … Read more