[Video]: Brick by Brick with LEGO’s Screenwriters

THE LEGO MOVIE (mandatorily written in all caps, on pain of death) cashed in on the mass anticipation surrounding its release and broke a record $69.1 million on its opening weekend, outstripping even Disney’s powerhouse Frozen ($67.4 million). Though one might question the authenticity of a movie designed to cash in still further on the … Read more

Best of the Web 9 Feb

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[Video]: Chilling with Frozen’s Jennifer Lee & Chris Buck

The Writer/Director duo of Disney’s Frozen discuss long-running projects that take years to get off the ground, writing major roles for female characters, and distilling the spirit of Norway into a film’s world. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you know of a great video on Screenwriting, … Read more

Why Your Story’s Conflict Isn’t Working

Conflict is the life’s blood of fiction. Conflict means something’s happening. Conflict brings change. And there’s also the little matter of human nature’s voyeuristic fascination with other people’s confrontations. by K.M. Weiland “No conflict, no story” is a rule of fiction familiar to even the noobiest of noob writers. We’re told to pack in the … Read more