How to Achieve Any Screenwriting Goal in 2014

So, you’re a creative sod who new-year’s resolved to create something this year? Good. Here’s what I want you to do. by Ingrid Elkner Write it down. On paper preferably, and if you’re on your phone/tablet/laptop right now and tree-skinless, email it to yourself. Write down your goal, this thing you want to make. Now … Read more

Bogans, Pirates and Bimbos: What’s wrong with Australian TV

You turn on the TV, flick on the electronic program guide, and scan the possibilities. Dross, muck, offal, junk. Where are the good shows? On your flashdrive, that’s where. by Ingrid Elkner Because if you’re like most of Australia’s younger generation, and a growing proportion of the other generations, you don’t seek out high quality … Read more