Best o/t Web 12 Dec

Story & Structure

:: Essence of character
:: Episodic writing
:: ‘Toy Story 3′ director on new beginnings and perfect endings
:: Boxing’s a hit with Hollywood

Script Perfection

:: Screenwriting Tip: DialogueBeautiful action lines
:: What’s it like writing for animals?
:: Finding a mentor
:: Screenwriter not procrastinating, just reorganizing her closet

Pitching & Selling

:: Coverage of Tarantino’s Natural Born Killers
:: “Would I buy this script?”
:: Trailer moments
:: What kind of writer are you?
:: Writer’s style: lean, moderate, epic

Best of the Rest

:: AFI interview with George Lucas
:: Spinal Tap’s IMDB rating goes to eleven
:: Is ‘Social Network’ too cool for academy voters?
:: Can a one-legged man play Tarzan?


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