Writing For Film – Filmmakers Quoted

Flavorwire published 20 quotes from filmmakers on writing. So you don’t have to flick through all 20, I put the best ones on a single page for you. (I even added one for free.) Stupid auteur theory (Billy Wilder) “What does the director shoot—the telephone book? Writers became much more important when sound came in, but they’ve … Read more

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Best o/t Web 12 Dec

Story & Structure :: Essence of character :: Episodic writing :: ‘Toy Story 3′ director on new beginnings and perfect endings :: Boxing’s a hit with Hollywood Script Perfection :: Screenwriting Tip: Dialogue, Beautiful action lines :: What’s it like writing for animals? :: Finding a mentor :: Screenwriter not procrastinating, just reorganizing her closet Pitching & Selling :: Coverage of Tarantino’s Natural … Read more