Best of the Web 26 Jan

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Story & Structure

:: Webshow: Flashbacks
:: Movie Analysis: “Her”
:: Screenplay Review – The Equalizer
:: ‘True Detective’ Writer Nic Pizzolatto on Great Stories

Script Perfection

:: 12 Fundamentals Of Writing “The Other”
:: The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Webber
:: It Takes The Time It Takes

Pitching & Selling

:: How the Producers of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’…
:: 10 Ways To Make A Good Impression As A Writer
:: Unfilmables
:: A Field Guide To Meetings

Best of the Rest

:: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Screenwriter Terence Winter
:: Interview: Barbara Stepansky (2013 Nicholl Winner, 2013 Black List)
:: For TV Fans, Cramming In Sunday’s Best
:: Quentin Tarantino Shelves ‘The Hateful Eight’
:: An Interview With Breaking Bad Writer Moira Walley-Beckett

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