Writings of a Reader

Ever wondered what goes on inside the minds of the fragrant few who get hired to read our screenplays? Those who rip through our darlings, scribble down notes and then disseminate our precious stories to their even sweeter-smelling bosses? After receiving yet another ‘Thank you so much for your screenplay, we can see why you’re so … Read more

Agents: Some Fine Print

A few people responded with valid comments to our last article on agents. Rather than a lengthy response in the comments, here are some thoughts on the agent’s commission percentage and hiring an entertainment attorney instead of having an agent. 1) 10% commission from agents rather than 15% 10% agent commission seems to be closer to … Read more

The Twitter Pitch

With movie executives making decisions in split seconds and people’s attention spans decreasing frighteningly rapidly (is this sentence getting a little long for you, already?) surely Twitter must be offering screenwriters a massive opportunity. Seriously, I think it does. I am one of the gazillion followers of Stephen Fry and Nia Vardalos. Perhaps I haven’t been in the game … Read more

Optimizing Your Pitch

You’ve got your hot little script in your hands. What next? How do you get it to see the light of day? Pitch it. Steven Fernandez has been there, done that and shares some essential tips in face-to-face pitching. Hello fellow writers!  I am going to pass along tips on pitching your film or TV … Read more