The Mid Point Pit Stop [Because Your Screenplay Is Too Long]

In the early days of cinema, the feature presentation contained two parts, with an intermission halfway, at the mid point. The audience would stretch their legs, visit the bathroom and buy more popcorn. In fact, we didn’t buy popcorn back then. An ice cream vendor walked the aisles, and sold what I remember to be the best ice cream I … Read more

Movie Moment: The Untouchables – Mexican Standoff

Let’s face it, ever since David Mamet started directing his own movies, his screenwriting has gone downhill (Glengarry Glen Ross was a play first, remember). His last master piece for the screen was The Untouchables (1987), which he wrote for Brian De Palma. I saw the film at the Venice Film Festival where that year … Read more

The Untouchables – The Mid Point(s)

A movie’s Mid Point usually fulfills a number of functions. In the Hero’s Outer Journey, an event occurs that makes the Hero change the approach to pursuing the goal. On the inner level, the Hero shows a first commitment to change. Some people speak of the Point of No Return. Because every strong plot point … Read more