[Video]: David Cage’s Mind Games

‘The purpose of storytelling was to avoid pain… to limit pain… and to give meaning.’ As film studios increasingly live or die by whether or not they can conjure blockbusters, they turn to other mediums for fresh material (and pre-existing fan-bases). At the same time, the sophistication and mainstream appeal of gaming culture has finally … Read more

[Video]: Doing Exposition with Explosives


Have you found yourself faced with the dilemma of choosing between brutally dull exposition or confusing your audience by throwing them into the story in medias res (that is, without any context)? Take a trip back through the annals of time and film to The Road Warrior, and watch a detailed breakdown of the storytelling … Read more

[Video]: John Truby on Successful Writing

‘It’s also important that writers read a lot of scripts. Because it’s only through reading a lot of scripts that you get a sense of the pacing that a professional script has…’ A rich, full-length interview with acclaimed screenwriting teacher John Truby on the state of Hollywood, the market forces of filmmaking, and the keys … Read more

[Video]: The ‘Vomit Draft’ – Dustin Lance Black


Are you plagued with a deluge of ideas, clustered around a series of themes? How do you whittle down a thousand magical ideas into a lean, powerful screenplay without killing the spirit of the idea? Charismatic screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk, J Edgar, Pedro) talks passionately about his methodology for visualizing a screenplay from top … Read more