[Video]: The Ken Burns Effect

‘All story is manipulation. ‘ What gives a great story the power to move us? Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (Vietnam, Jack Johnson, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History) provides some key insights into how the skilful use of emotionally charged storytelling can bring alive historic events at 24 frames per second. If you liked this, … Read more

[Video]: Oscar Nominee Dan Gilroy talks Nightcrawler

‘Nightcrawler is the most personal film I’ve ever written… I think there’s a desperation in young people… who are willing to take jobs and do things they normally wouldn’t do.’ Dan Gilroy talks about the rise of the antihero (such as Walter White, Don Draper), the need to survive in an increasingly unequal world, and … Read more

[Video]: John Truby on Successful Writing

‘It’s also important that writers read a lot of scripts. Because it’s only through reading a lot of scripts that you get a sense of the pacing that a professional script has…’ A rich, full-length interview with acclaimed screenwriting teacher John Truby on the state of Hollywood, the market forces of filmmaking, and the keys … Read more