Structure: Breaking Bad S1E1

With the 5th and final season of Breaking Bad underway, let’s look back at how it started. The pilot episode planted this drama series squarely on the map and to my taste, Breaking Bad became an instant classic. The show is loved as much by its audience as by the critics and industry peers. Most … Read more

Best o/t Web 4 Jul

:: Toy Story 3’s Michael Arndt on Unkrich original project
:: How to become … Michael Arndt (or similar)
:: Interview with Lee Unkrich and Darla Anderson
:: Where the Toy Story 3 trash bag idea originated
:: Toy Story: “The overarching story is about change”
:: How Pixar built Toy Story 3
:: The development of the Toy Story saga

In other news:
:: Even when there’s no way, you believe.
:: Writing a script, first draft.
:: Should you pay for notes?
:: The unconventional Shawshank Redemption.
:: Five ways your writing ends up on the screen.
:: Script in a minute.
:: Showbiz terminology, a cheat sheet.
:: Story for free!
:: Vince Gilligan at BANFF.
:: M. Night, gossip fills seats.
:: Elements of act two: the midpoint.

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Best o/t Web 9 May 10

:: Failed screenplays: don’t be another statistic.
:: With so much action, how to balance character and plot.
:: How to pull off an unscripted documentary.
:: Make it rain- for fifty bucks!
:: It feels like everything has been done… because it has.
:: Give your villain his monologue, he needs air time too.
:: Frank Cottrell Boyce says to forget the 3-act structure- thoughts, feelings, concerns?

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